When Our Plants are Happy...

I'm happy.
After a big round of repotting this morning, we're all happy.
I'm particularly psyched about the big guacamole bowl-like pot
that the philodendron lives in now.


Week of Color: Blue

My favorite color...
and one that's easy to capture in the Portland skies these days.


Week of Color: Orange

Just this:
A belated happy birthday to Barry, a Valentine's Day baby.

Edited to add a little more than just this...
the birthday cake was carrot cake.



Week of Color: Yellow

Week of Color: Red

Coming to it late.  But doing it.  I'm trying to catch up by using some old photos that have been hanging around in folders for a while.  Hoping to be a little more intentional about it as the weeks go on.  I'm not a big fan of red, so it has to work to sneak itself into my photos.  Does rust count?